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1 - Time to spring clean your brand

It’s funny how the start of a new year brings on the desire to spring clean, declutter and “chuck out the tinsel”. My theory is that, having spent longer than usual indoors with more people, more food and more presents than at any other time of the year, we’ve had time to have a good look at our homes. It’s like seeing it for the first time - and recognising the areas that need to be changed.

The same can be true of our businesses; making plans for the year ahead is something occupying many of us right now. So why not start with your brand? Doing a whole rebrand may seem like a lot of time and effort for little reward. But reviewing what you stand for, what you are offering and how you are perceived by the people that are important to you is a key step to growing and developing your business. It is a proactive part of starting the next year of development.

Here are a few steps we recommend to spring cleaning your brand:

Step One: repeat after us, “our brand is much more than just a logo”. Your brand is your DNA, it is everything about your organisation, the way you work, the way your customers, staff and stakeholders see you. Before reaching for the Pantone (2018 is all about the ultra violet, you know), reach for the customer and staff research and see where your customers and colleagues see your strengths and your weaknesses.

Step Two: have a clear vision what you are trying to communicate through your brand. This should appeal to the positive feedback from your customers (staff and stakeholders) and give reassurance and confidence around any negatives.

Step Three: keep it consistent. Remember the bit about your brand being your DNA? Applying your brand consistently, and meaningfully across everything your organisation does, is the key. The images, the words, the customer service, being a great place to work and the quality of your products all add up to your brand. The design and presentation of your logo, should reflect who you are.

Step Four: communicate and promote your brand. Now is that time to use your brand to engage with existing audiences and reach out to new ones. Developing your communications strategy to showcase your brand, tell your brand story and stand out from the crowd is the final important step to rebranding.

Incidentally, if the plans you have in mind are on a more personal, career or relationship basis, then I can recommend Your Book as a way of bringing the same fresh thinking to old problems in your life.

It’s 2018, why not give it a go? Let us know if we can help.

2 - Adoption vs adaption

As the alcohol fumes and smoke drifted across the three foot high picket fence, on the first day in the summer of 2016 which felt like you might want to spend it outside, I was reminded of the difference between adoption and adaption.


The idea of a barbecue - cooking in the open air with friends around to enjoy the conversation, food and drink is a great one.  Particularly if you live in a country - let's just say Australia - which is hot, sparsely populated and has plentiful fresh food.  In the UK, where the population is dense and the climate changeable, cooking in the open air is fraught with many a problem.  Not least the proximity of the neighbours who may want to enjoy the fresh summer air without the fumes, smoke and burning food smells drifting the 10 or so feet to the next suburban garden.  There's a reason why the UK has a long tradition of street parties with soggy sandwiches, bunting and tea,


To work here, and promote harmony and tolerance amongst all those who want to enjoy the rarest of summer days in the garden, the concept of barbecue needs adapting. What works in Australia, doesn't work exactly the same here.


All too often in communications and public relations we see examples of adoption of a great idea, rather than adaption.  Social media is a wonderful thing - it's low cost, highly accessible and easy to use.  But not everything your organisation needs to say can be said on social media.  It isn't an alternative to other means or (often) more expensive communications, it is complementary means of communications some things, to some people, a lot of the time.  Some things will always need face-to-face communications; just like some means of outdoor cooking will always work best in large, open rather than confined spaces.


So if you want your communications to be a harmonious and enjoy by many, rather than treated as the noisy neighbour sending fumes and smoke across the manicured lawns of suburbia, give Sindy B Communications a call - and we'll adapt exactly what you need.

3 - We've done it

Welcome to the new Sindy B Communications Limited website.


Like the car mechanic who services everyone's vehicle but their own - sometimes you have to really focus your efforts on practising what you preach and applying your own theory.


So that's what we've done here - we hope you like it.  It brings our own digital strategy in line with the strategies we prepare for our clients.  And we hope it is just as successful.