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Love heart

Moliere said that it is the great ambition of women to inspire love. In our experience, it's the great ambition of everyone who believes they may have a book in them to be inspired.

Inspiration can be given a helping hand by taking a few practical steps - the first and most obvious one of which is, if you want to be a writer, first be a reader. There is no better preparation for putting pen to paper, than to read and learn from all those who have gone there before you. Whether it's a clever marketing line, a compelling news story or a first novel, knowing what grabs the attention and what "sells" always helps. This doesn't mean imitating or repeating what's already out there. It means know your market, know your audience, know that you have something unique to offer them.

The next steps are try, try again and don't stop trying. To be a writer you have to write. Anywhere, any place, any time write something down. The only solution to a blank piece of paper is to put something on it. Putting down your thoughts and ideas starts the process. they don't have to be beautifully organised, perfectly formed or even proper sentences at first.

And finally even the best writers need an editor. And that's where we come in. Sindy B can work with you to get your words to be the most compelling, the most compelling and the most effective for your business.

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