Creating a brand is so much more than "just a logo".

At Sindy B we take the approach that your brand is your DNA - it is the way you do everything for your customers and clients.  

A brand is really all in the mind – it’s the way staff and customers come to think and feel about a particular brand, which sets it apart from all the others in the marketplace.

A brand is made up of tangible and intangible attributes.  

Without the intangible attributes,  your product or service is just a commodity.  Commodities are seen as easily interchanged for one-another, because intrinsically they are the same thing with different packaging.  If the product or service is the same, then the main differentials become price and convenience.  As a brand, it is the intangible attributes which customers perceive that make it distinctive – and of (more) value to them.  And with the perception of value, also comes brand loyalty.

At Sindy B we have developed brands for new organisations just starting out; and small, medium and very large organisations.  In every case we get under the skin of your organisation, who you are and where you want to be.

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