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1 - Branding

Creating a brand is so much more than "just a logo".

At Sindy B we take the approach that your brand is your DNA - it is the way you do everything for your customers and clients.  

A brand is really all in the mind – it’s the way staff and customers come to think and feel about a particular brand, which sets it apart from all the others in the marketplace.

A brand is made up of tangible and intangible attributes.  

Without the intangible attributes,  your product or service is just a commodity.  Commodities are seen as easily interchanged for one-another, because intrinsically they are the same thing with different packaging.  If the product or service is the same, then the main differentials become price and convenience.  As a brand, it is the intangible attributes which customers perceive that make it distinctive – and of (more) value to them.  And with the perception of value, also comes brand loyalty.

At Sindy B we have developed brands for new organisations just starting out; and small, medium and very large organisations.  In every case we get under the skin of your organisation, who you are and where you want to be.

2 - Big Ideas Factory

Big Ideas Factory imageIn the current climate, innovation and creativity are what’s needed to bring about new opportunities.  But we know that getting the support to take ideas forward can often be one of the biggest challenges.  Getting access to the right skills, information and knowledge can be difficult, time consuming - and expensive.  So we’ve come up with a better way - the Big Ideas Factory.  

So we came up with the Big Ideas Factory.  The Big Ideas Factory is all about making it easier, simpler and more cost-effective for individuals, groups and organisations to get the help they need.

We called it the Big Ideas Factory because we wanted to evoke the creativity and the innovation that over the years has come to be associated with the concept of an “ideas factory”.

The Big Ideas Factory is as much about an exchange of ideas, information and expertise as it is about the practical steps needed to put plans into action.  We want to bring together the best ideas, the right skills and a whole wealth of knowledge to develop the tools and techniques needed to support innovation in our communities today.   

Through the Big Ideas Factory we have a network of carefully selected associates and affiliates with a range of skills, to meet every challenge.  Over the years, we’ve worked with individuals, groups and organisations on projects, campaigns and plans.  We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get good ideas off the ground - and sustain them.  And we've put it all together in the Big Ideas Factory.