Welcome to Sindy B Communications

Welcome to Sindy B

We are an independent, specialist communications consultancy. We put together everything you need from PR to digital, to social media and creatives in a no fuss one-stop service. We're an established team of  professionals who will deliver just what you need, when you need it. 

We will help you to connect with your audiences and to tell your story today, tomorrow and for the future.

At Sindy B we've always got something to shout about. It could be your business.

About Us

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What we do

We'll listen to you, talk to you and understand you.  Then we'll come up with a plan that meets your needs.  We won't give you things that won't work or that you didn't ask for.  We'll make the plans simple, easy to put into practice and we'll help you every step of the way.  

We work as your independent, external, specialist advisor.  We can also come and work alongside you either to fill a gap, or to put your plans into practice. Either way you pay only for the time we work at a fixed price per half day, per day or for an agreed contract period.  Included in the price is our advice and support at any time.

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What we do

Some of our services

We will develop the most effective strategy to deliver what you need. We will understand your business inside and out to find the best ways to tell your story.
Project Management
We are experienced project managers. We know that implementing the plans we develop is all part of the job. So all of ideas come with a plan which is clear and practical.
Finding the right words to make an impact is not always easy. So let us give you a helping hand whether you need 140 characters or a thousand words.
Our role is to protect, promote or develop your brand. We can start from a blank sheet of paper or develop what you already love about your brand.